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The Oak Mott - Our Story

Where We Started...Where We're Headed

JD and Natalie would like to invite you into a look at where our dream all began, keep you in the loop for all the projects and work we are currently doing, and share our insight into our future vision to The Oak Mott resort.  


Our Foundation

In 2021, JD and Natalie started with 15.6 acres of a clean slate to build their resort. This beautiful stretch of land, with 1600 linear feet of creek-front, was the perfect backdrop for future family reunions. The work is endless, but the dreams and plans are limitless.  

Our Journey

Thank you for your interest in how far we have come! From long workdays and sore muscles, so much love has been poured into getting The Oak Mott ready for phase 1: Camping Rentals. City Water, Electricity, Septic installation and SO much landscape maintenance have set the platform for our guests! 


Our Vision

Camping, Glamping and RV/Camper space rentals sum up our Phase 1 goals. We look forward to phase 2: Cabins/Resort and Phase 3: Events. Our ultimate goal? To be the first choice for family events.

We love to plan and dream how we get there and envision our final product, but we are open to any and all ideas and suggestions!

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